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An Deli Partner Competes in the 2019 China Communications Construction · Shantou International Marathon

On December 22, the 2019 China Communications Construction Shantou International Marathon started! A total of 20,000 runners from 37 countries and regions gathered in Shantou. Andeli friends also spontaneously formed a group to actively participate in this sports event, and collectively appeared in the 5-kilometer happy run to witness the take-off of Shantou together.


At 6 o'clock in the morning, before dawn, the friends had gathered in the factory area and went to the competition site together. At 7:30, as the gun rang out, everyone took jubilant steps in cheers and shouts. Before 8:30, the participants all arrived at the finish line safely and smoothly to complete the race.

The 2019 China Communications Construction Shantou International Marathon was successfully concluded, and Andeli partners also gained joy and experience. After the completion of the race, Comrade Yang Daiyun, the advocate of this event, said excitedly that from the moment he started, he had a feeling of surpassing himself; Comrade Dong Xiaohang of the logistics group is even more enthusiastic, hoping to compete in the half-marathon next year; The energetic and enthusiastic smiling faces of the friends all show the power of life. Xiaobian also feels that challenging oneself is a kind of flying-like feeling! ----That's the charm of sports, pure, focused!


Thanks to the Organizing Committee for providing a perfect schedule, and thanks to the Andre Logistics Team for providing perfect services for everyone.

 Come on, Shantou!

 Come on, Andrea!

 Come on, guys!




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