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Chairman Wang Danxu was invited to attend the symposium on the development of new materials industry held in Shantou

On the afternoon of March 8, Shantou City held a symposium on the development of new materials industry. Wen Zhanbin, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Lai Xiaowei, Deputy Secretary and Secretary-General of the Municipal Party Committee, and Peng Congen, deputy mayor attended the meeting.


At the symposium, the representatives of the participating enterprises and the relevant responsible comrades of the provincial laboratory of Chemistry and fine chemical industry made positive suggestions on accelerating the development of new materials industry in Shantou. Wen Zhanbin exchanged and discussed with them from time to time to understand in detail the current situation, difficulties and suggestions of enterprises in production and operation, project promotion, technology upgrading, cost control, capital investment, talent introduction and other aspects, requiring relevant departments to carefully sort out the problems reflected by enterprises, study and implement effective measures to help enterprises rescue and solve difficulties and accelerate development.
Wen Zhanbin, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that the new material industry is a strategic emerging industry of the national key development layout, and is one of the leading industries of the "three new and two special" industrial development pattern in Shantou. The industrial development has the foundation, advantages and support, and has cultivated a number of leading enterprises with national competitiveness and influence, "invisible champions", and formed a good development trend.
Wen Zhanbin, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the confidence and determination of development, firmly seize the precious opportunities of the national and provincial support for the development of new materials industry, based on Shantou's industrial base, resource endowment and location advantages, give full play to the resource strength of scientific research institutions such as the Laboratory of Chemistry and fine chemical industry, actively extend and expand the industrial chain, and strive to build a new materials industry cluster of more than 100 billion yuan.
To find the main direction of industrial development, around the new chemical materials, new energy battery materials, degradable plastics and other fields, continue to focus on cost reduction, good environment, strong advantages and other aspects, through the implementation of the "10 billion enterprises, 100 billion industry" cultivation plan, to support the development of enterprises, the introduction of leading enterprises to strengthen the chain, to promote industrial development into the high-speed track.
It is necessary to open up the "last mile" of service enterprises, take the initiative to visit and understand the needs of enterprises, follow up potential projects, and do a good job in service guarantee, so as to create an efficient and convenient government environment, a fair and just legal environment and a clean political ecology.
Wen Zhanbin, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, hopes that all entrepreneurs should do a solid job in the main business, focus on innovation and creation, actively adapt to the needs and changes of the market, consciously take the path of high-quality development, and strive to create a "century-old store", and join hands to create a better tomorrow for industrial development.

Wang Danxu, chairman of the company, attended the symposium and spoke at the meeting.



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