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Attracting people, educating people, employing people, loving people, talent is the company's valuable capital, the company with preferential talent policy, fair competition stage, broad development space and harmonious working atmosphere, constantly attract and retain all kinds of professional talents.

★ Provide competitive salary and benefits, establish a scientific and quantitative employee incentive system, and recruit talents from all over the world.

★ Provide a fair and just evaluation mechanism, so as to make the best use of talent, and help employees realize their self-worth while achieving success in the company.

★ Advocate happy work, help each other, constantly improve the spiritual and cultural pursuit of the enterprise, and create the warmth of home for employees.

Recruitment positions




Several captains


Job responsibilities: according to the production process instruction production, process quality control, equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance work, to ensure the efficient and safe operation of production equipment, to ensure the completion of production tasks according to quality and quantity. Job requirements: male, age 22-45 years old, able to meet 24-hour two-shift operation; Experience in manufacturing casting, blown film, coating, compounding, slitting and other related products; Have a strong awareness of product quality. Treatment: 7-10k/month 4-5 days off.

Several production employees


Job responsibilities: responsible for material preparation, batching, feeding, finished product inspection, packaging and machine assistance. Job requirements: male, age 22-45 years old, able to meet 24-hour two-shift operation. Treatment: 5-7k/month 4-5 days off.
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