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Destar Research Institute of new research and development institutions in the east and northwest of Guangdong successfully passed the acceptance of the provincial science and Technology Department

On April 6, the Provincial Science and Technology Department organized an expert group to carry out on-site acceptance of the project of "Guangdong Destar Polymer Film Material Research Co., Ltd. new research and development institution construction in the east and northwest of Guangdong" implemented by Dexing Research Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Andli. The members of the expert group are composed of senior professors from different universities and institutes, relevant leaders of the provincial Science and Technology Department, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, all members of the project team and relevant leaders of the company attended the acceptance meeting.

The expert group inspected the pilot workshop and laboratory, listened to the report of the project team leader on the implementation of the project, reviewed the relevant information and questioned in accordance with the procedure and closed-door demonstration. It is agreed that the project has basically completed the tasks stipulated in the contract, met the acceptance conditions, and agreed to pass the acceptance.



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