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Mr. And Mrs. Li Kwai Hung, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, visited our company for guidance

  On the afternoon of February 24th, Vice Chairman of Thai Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Vice President and Secretary General of Thai-China Peaceful Reunification Promotion Association, Honorary President of Thai Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce Forever, President of International Youth Federation Forever, Chairman of Thailand Global Group Co., LTD. Mr. Li Guixiong and Mr. Zhuang Jifeng, Executive Vice president of Thai Chinese Youth Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of Thai Xingsheng Group Co., LTD., visited our company for guidance. Chairman Wang Danxu, perennial legal adviser Zheng Wenlong accompanied.


  Chairman Wang Danxu introduced the basic situation of our company in detail to Mr. Li Guixiong and his party and consulted the business environment of Southeast Asia and Thailand as the key regions of the country's Belt and Road, and expressed the company's intention to rely on overseas Chinese resources to seek the sea. Mr. Li Guixiong highly affirmed the company's strategic concept of seeking the sea. And said that it will provide necessary support and help for enterprises to promote Southeast Asia and Thailand market, Mr. Zhuang Jifeng also said that it will provide necessary resources integration and help for enterprises.
  Wang Danxu expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. And Mrs. Li Gui-hung and Mr. Zhuang Ji-feng for taking time out of their busy schedule to visit and guide them!



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