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China Electronic Information Industry Federation Visits Our Company for Research and Inspection

On the afternoon of December 8, 2019, Gao Sumei, Executive Secretary-General of China Electronic Information Industry Federation, Zhang Pingping, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress and deputy director of the Education, Science, Culture and Health Committee, visited our company for investigation and inspection. Accompanied by Chairman Wang Danxu, the leaders inspected the three major business divisions of the factory headquarters and held a symposium.

At the symposium, Chen Hancheng, director of the production and operation center, made a detailed report on the company's development history, product system, industrial structure and layout. Chairman Wang Danxu gave a detailed introduction to the company's operation and development direction. Secretary-General Gao highly agreed with the corporate mission of Andeli to fill the domestic gaps in related fields and promote new functional environmental protection films, encouraged the difficulties in the operation process to be summarized and reported, and said that he would give support under the premise of policy permission according to the actual difficulties existing in the enterprise.

During the exchange session, the participants had a full exchange on the difficulties existing in the current economic environment and the problems that need to be solved by the government.

Finally, the leaders fully affirmed the operation mode and overall development of our company, and placed great hopes on the future development of the company.



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