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Dexing Research Institute held a special meeting on how to build a new R&D institution for the industrialization and application of functional materials

On the afternoon of October 12, Guangdong Dexing Polymer Thin Film Materials Research Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Andeli New Materials Co., Ltd., convened all partners to hold a special meeting on how to build a new R&D institution for the industrialization and application of functional thin film materials.

The meeting invited: Chen Yang, director and engineer Xiao Ke of Guangdong Science and Technology Infrastructure Platform Center, Liu Yongping, general manager of Foshan Hengcheng Science and Technology Innovation Service Co., Ltd., Liang Jingchao, senior consultant of Guangdong Parmastar Technology Co., Ltd., Dr. Ma Nianfang, senior engineer of Guangdong Institute of Bioengineering, and Zhang Tongyu, executive director of Shenzhen Zhuyuan Junyue Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd., attended the meeting. Chen Shuiyu, professor of polymer discipline, doctoral supervisor and executive dean of Dexing Research Institute, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Sun Yat-sen University, presided over the meeting, and Wu Anli, vice president of the Institute, and Wu Shufen, assistant to the dean, participated in the discussion.

At the meeting, Dr. Liang Jingchao introduced the draft institutional construction plan of the Dexing Research Institute, and preliminarily planned the positioning, development plan and operation mode of the Institute on the basis of industry research. General Manager Liu Yongping proposed the draft of building an international science and technology collaborative innovation center based on the Institute, including the construction of four aspects: technology transfer and transformation platform, industry-university-research linkage platform, technology manager cultivation platform and public innovation incubation service system; Engineer Xiao Ke introduced the construction content of the Dexing polymer thin film material new R&D institution project and the division of labor of all participants in the project.

At the meeting, the participants had a heated discussion on the future development positioning and strategic planning of the Dexing Research Institute, and agreed that the new R&D institutions should focus on the "new", based on a high starting point and high quality; We should adopt an attitude of open and coordinated development, and strive to build a functional platform that can promote the development of enterprises and regional industries.

The road is long and difficult, but the line is coming, and the future can be expected. Dexing sincerely invites all resources to work together to build a functional thin film material industry application platform.


 Guangdong Parmesan Science and Technology Dr. Liang Jingchao gave a speech



 Foshan Hengcheng Innovation Technology Service Liu Yongping, General Manager of the Innovative Technology Service, delivered a speech


 Engineer Xiao Ke of Guangdong Science and Technology Basic Conditions Platform Center gave a speech



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