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Relevant provincial and municipal leaders visited our company to carry out minimum wage evaluation research and field visits

According to the Provincial Department of Personnel's "Notice on Carrying out Minimum Wage Evaluation and Research Activities", Shantou City held a symposium on minimum wage evaluation and conducted on-site interviews on September 10.

On the afternoon of the 10th, a research team composed of relevant provincial and municipal leaders and university professors visited our company for investigation and research, accompanied by Zhou Zhongzheng, deputy head of Chenghai District, and was accompanied by Chairman Wang Danxu and the heads of personnel and financial departments and employee representatives.

After the person in charge of personnel of the company made a report on the company's production and operation status, labor and employment situation, labor cost changes, minimum wage adjustment, employee wage increase, etc., the research team conducted full exchanges with the company's management personnel and employee representatives. The research team fully affirmed our company's management and labor management, and expressed satisfaction with our company's implementation of the minimum wage requirements.



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