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What is the use of PE protective film

1. Hardware industry: computer case, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminum sheet, stainless steel sheet, titanium sheet, plastic sheet, glass sheet, solar panel, etc.
2. Optoelectronic industry: LCD liquid crystal display, backlight panel, cold light film, membrane switch, mobile phone screen and so on.
3. Plastic industry: ABS, PP injection molding products, PVC sheets, acrylic sheets, instruments, plastic lenses, surface protection of painted parts, etc.
4. Printing industry: PVC, PC board, aluminum board, film and other printed nameplate surface protection, etc.
5. Wire and cable industry: the protection of shaft-loaded copper wires, semi-finished products, finished products, and coiled finished products can effectively prevent dust pollution, and has anti-oxidation and anti-dirty effects.
6. In the electronics industry, during production, it is generally necessary to protect the finished and semi-finished products, so that scratches and damage are not easy to occur on the assembly line!
7. In the mobile phone digital industry, mobile phone film is also called mobile phone beauty film and mobile phone protective film. It is a kind of cold surface film that can be used to install the phone body and screen.



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