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Tang Changjiang, Secretary General of Guangdong Battery Industry Association, and his delegation visited our company for inspection and exchange

On the afternoon of April 1st, Tang Changjiang, Secretary General of Guangdong Battery Industry Association, Xie Huan, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the Association, Liu Ganhua, Deputy Secretary General, and Zhou Shihua, Assistant Secretary General, visited our company for inspection and exchange. Wang Danxu, the chairman of the company, Chen Hancheng, the director of production and operation, and Lin Yi, the assistant to the chairman and general manager of the marketing center, warmly received them.
Firstly, Secretary General Tang and his delegation, accompanied by Director Chen Hancheng, visited Andeli's production workshop and multifunctional exhibition hall.
Subsequently, both parties held a symposium in the conference room, and General Manager Lin Yi introduced the four main sections of Andeli to the leaders: aluminum plastic film, label film, POF heat shrink film, and mold internal standards. And a detailed introduction was given to the second business unit, which focuses on aluminum plastic film products. Secretary General Tang Changjiang introduced the progress of the preparatory work for the 2020 World Battery Industry Expo to be held by the association from August 16 to 18 to the attending leaders. He also invited Chairman Wang to provide guidance and suggestions on the first draft of the exhibition's promotional video.
Both sides have had sufficient communication and exchange on further deepening cooperation. Director Chen Hancheng had a detailed understanding of the details of the 2020 World Battery Industry Expo and signed a 36 square meter booth contract on-site. And expressed that Anderley applied to be upgraded from a council member unit of the association to a vice chairman unit. Secretary General Tang Changjiang warmly welcomed and stated that he would actively organize the Secretariat's review and submit it to the Executive Council for approval. At the same time, Secretary General Tang Changjiang also cordially invited Director of Production and Operations Chen Hancheng to join the Guangdong Battery Industry Association Materials Expert Committee as an expert, and invited Director Chen Hancheng and Lin Yi (Deputy Director of the Association Materials Expert Committee), Assistant Chairman and General Manager of the Marketing Center, to participate in the first meeting of the Guangdong Battery Industry Association Standards Drafting Committee held in Shenzhen on April 17th, Participate in the drafting and revision of aluminum plastic film production standards.
Chairman Wang Danxu highly appreciates the foresight and foresight of Secretary General Tang Changjiang. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "innovation driven, green endurance, coordinated development, and value sharing", striving to become a leader in the development of China's new functional film and new material industry.




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