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The PVC inkjet screen film will be blurred, several common problems

Inkjet pictures generally refer to the output of outdoor advertising pictures, and the output pictures are very large. For example, the many fence pictures beside the road are the finished products output by inkjet printers.

Inkjet printing screen principle:
The medium used by inkjet printers is generally inkjet cloth, and the ink is oily ink. In order to ensure the durability of the picture, the color of the picture set during inkjet printing is generally darker than the color on the monitor. The actual output picture The image resolution generally only needs 30~45dpi, and the actual size of the screen is relatively large, with an area of hundreds of square meters.

Recently, some netizens asked, why are the pictures sprayed out by spray painting blurry?
Let us briefly analyze the reasons for this problem.

The reasons for the fuzzy spray drawing may be the following, let's take a look
1. The resolution of the design picture used in the design drawing is not enough. Find high-definition large pictures to avoid unclear spray painting pictures.
2. The printing accuracy of the inkjet printer itself is not enough. First, the equipment is divided into high-end, low-end, imported, and domestic inkjet printers. Good equipment can naturally and vividly print pictures.
3. The clarity of ordinary inkjet printing is not very good. If you are looking for high-precision pictures, it is recommended to use a photo printer or UV inkjet printer.
4. The material of inkjet cloth will also affect the picture, high-end inkjet cloth and ordinary cloth, the picture of high-end inkjet cloth is naturally clearer and better than ordinary cloth. For example, knife scraping cloth, soft film, and white cloth are clearer and more vivid than ordinary cloth from large factories, and the colors are saturated.

Summary of the most important factors affecting the blurring of inkjet painting:
The design picture itself is too small and unclear, the design resolution is set, the inkjet printer and ink are not good or not selected correctly, and the inkjet cloth material is not good and not selected correctly.



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