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Matters needing attention about die-cutting of protective film

Relevant matters that must be paid attention to in protective film die-cutting

For a die-cutting engineer, the quality of technology is mainly reflected in the precision control of die-cutting products, the improvement of production efficiency, and the saving of materials, etc., but the understanding of protective film and related matters that need attention must not be ignored. Only by mastering the relevant properties of the protective film material can we control the relevant production points and produce qualified products during the die-cutting operation. Even if the quality is poor during the production operation, we can also figure out the cause and find the relevant problems.

The uneven thickness of the protective film is due to the material itself. It is difficult to find it during die-cutting, and when the customer sticks the film, they will find that the size is different from the actual product. The uneven thickness of the protective film is also divided into uneven thickness of the substrate and uneven thickness of the glue.

This requires checking before and during die-cutting to find and correct problems in time

The rewinding tension of the protective film is poorly controlled. When the protective film is laminated on the release material, the thickness of the glue is different due to the difference in viscosity, and the rewinding will have tightness control. If the tension is too high, the film will warp, which is not conducive to die-cutting , will also affect the die-cutting accuracy

The release material of the protective film is not selected correctly. The selection of the release material of the protective film requires suitable materials and release force. Too heavy or too low release force not only does not fit well, but may also cause falling off and peeling off. It will cause arching of the protective film, which is not conducive to die-cutting processing

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