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Mayor Yang Huan Xin visited our company for inspection and guidance

On the morning of March 13, Yang Huanxin, mayor of Chenghai District, Wen Shuanghao, director of Chenghai District Economic and Information Bureau, and other leaders visited Andeli New Materials to inspect and guide the work. Wang Danxu, chairman of the board of directors of the company, and relevant senior executives gave a warm reception.

During the inspection, Chairman Wang Danxu gave a detailed introduction to the company's industrial scale, market layout, development planning and operation management to Mayor Yang Huan, and reported the progress of each business department, and expressed his gratitude to the district government for its care and support.

After listening to the report, Mayor Yang Huan encouraged enterprises to enhance confidence, continue independent research and development, and develop and innovate. He also stressed that relevant government departments should strengthen communication and exchanges with enterprises, support the development of enterprises, and help enterprises solve problems.



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