High Barrier Gas Column Film

Summary:As a packaging material for flexible packaging lithium battery cells, Andeli's A series aluminum-plastic soft packaging composite film has excellent barrier performance, deep forming performance, electrolyte stability and electrical insulation performance.

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Product description

High barrier film refers to the method of multi-layer co-extrusion, in which one or more layers of materials are engineering materials with high barrier properties. It is mainly used in the packaging of medical waste recycling and the shipping and packaging protection of fragile goods in logistics, which can prevent shocks, prevent bacteria from leaking out and pollute the environment again.


Our high barrier film mainly has three types:


High-barrier nylon co-extruded film, the structure is PE/TIE/PA/TIE/PE, with good gas barrier properties, puncture resistance, and good heat resistance. This series of films is mainly used in air column bag films, suitable for medical waste recycling packaging and logistics packaging protection for high-end fragile items.

The structure of low temperature resistant and high barrier nylon co-extrusion film is PE/TIE/PA/TIE/PE, which has high barrier property and low temperature resistance to minus 37 degrees Celsius. This series of films is mainly used in low temperature freezing packaging.

High-temperature, high-barrier stretched nylon co-extrusion film, this series of film is mainly used in the packaging of products that require high-temperature sterilization, and is puncture-resistant.

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