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Summary:As a packaging material for flexible packaging lithium battery cells, Andeli's A series aluminum-plastic soft packaging composite film has excellent barrier performance, deep forming performance, electrolyte stability and electrical insulation performance.

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Product description

PP decorative film can meet the high performance requirements of the market through formula adjustment, material modification, coating and other process methods. It has high surface scratch and wear resistance, strong surface pollution and corrosion resistance (≥ level 4), antibacterial and mold proof, environmental protection and flame retardant, and timely degradation.
Example of PP decorative film performance verification: Soak the PP decorative film specimen in 20 ℃ water for 24 hours, and then dry it in a 63 ℃ oven for 1 hour. The surface will not experience blistering, layering, discoloration, and can resist external temperature and humidity.
If coffee, cola, soy sauce, oily marker, and other substances are accidentally exposed for 24 hours, they can still be wiped off with water, alcohol, or neutral detergent.
PP decorative film is suitable for fields such as home decoration film, home appliance decorative film, and automotive decorative film. Green and environmentally friendly, with a wide range of uses.

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