PEVA Film For Bags

Summary:As a packaging material for flexible packaging lithium battery cells, Andeli's A series aluminum-plastic soft packaging composite film has excellent barrier performance, deep forming performance, electrolyte stability and electrical insulation performance.

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Product description

Polyolefin raw materials are used to produce PEVA film for bags. The advantages are light specific gravity, non-toxic, recyclable, no toxic substances when burned, soft and elastic, easy to process, and low temperature resistance. Moreover, through the addition of additives, the product realizes the function of oxidation-biodegradation, and the degradation time can be customized according to the service life of the product. PEVA film can be printed, laminated, glued, sewn, and heat-sealed, so it is suitable for making bags and household products for various purposes.


1. Product specifications
Thickness: 0.05mm~0.50mm before embossing
Width: 12 inches to 72 inches
Roll: 100 yards to 600 yards
Appearance: transparent, colored transparent, translucent, colored embossed (multiple texture options available)


2. PEVA films for bags can be divided into the following subcategories according to their uses:
(1) Household products for daily use
Tablecloths, home appliance dust covers, wall coverings, shower curtains, raincoats, umbrellas, non-slip mats, simple wardrobes, etc.
(2) stationery
Pencil case, CD case, file case.
(3) Computer peripherals, electronic components
keyboard cover, dancing mat
(4) Commodity outer packaging bag
Quilt bag, suit cover, underwear bag, tissue bag
(5) Food bags
Oil bag, ice bag inside
(6) Baby products
Baby enlightenment album, baby seat cushion, baby drool pad, stroller cover, etc.

Complete categories and cost-effective
With professional technology, we are committed to product research and development, create cost-effective products, and meet the needs of customers.


Good quality is trustworthy
Quality management is embedded in every production process during the production process. From raw material selection to product production
Manufacturing, packaging, shipment, etc. are inspected and supervised layer by layer, and strive to create excellent quality.


Worry-free after-sales service
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